A day in life | English Poetry

A day in life | English Poetry

A day in life | English Poetry

A day in the life – Is a dream we have to live a day according to our dreams and desires

There should be a day in the life

Free from all the baloney vibes.

Free from fears, free from Sorrow,

Free from thoughts, the thoughts of tomorrow

Free from all sufferings, free from pain

Free from the lost love, the love which got lost in vain.

Free from hurdles, free from troubles

Free from the people, free from all burden.

Free from the soul, free from the mind

A day which we always love to rewind

A day of happiness, A day of love,

A day of solace; which was never seen nor heard

A day to dream, a day to scream,

A day to feel like you have never been,

A day of liking, A day of a smile,

A day which should never pass in a long while

That’s how I want “A Day in My Life”

 @ramta jogi


A day in life | English Poetry

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