The Guide | English Poetry

The Guide | English Poetry

The Guide | English Poetry

It is not only that the travels require a guide. It is in the journey of life that we require a guide every time and everywhere. To that Guide of life is this poem dedicated to.

With Gods grace, we were brought,

And With pampering, we were taught,

With smiles, we were left in the world,

To live the life which we dream of.

We didn’t know how or what

And We didn’t know when and were

We were alone, we were unaware,

In the midst of the world, we were there,

Brow sweating,y eyes were dull,

Future was dark, with no one to help.

Suddenly  felt the feel,

Someone’s touch was like a heal,

The held my hands and initiated a step,

Supported and took me to the next lap,

Made me aware of the path of life,

Made me understood the reasons to describe,

Helped me to break the barriers of thought,

Brought me out of the drought.

Darkness was gone, life was full of light,

It was only “YOU-The Guide” who made my LIFE worth A LIFE.

@ramta jogi

The Guide | English Poetry


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