Missing her | English Poetry

Missing her | English Poetry

Missing her | English Poetry

How can I make her feel my Love?
           How can I make it to feel her love?

 Neither she is a friend, nor an enemy
              But I want to make her my destiny

It started formally with a smile,
              But i want this to go long- long miles

Her greyish eyes, Her beautiful face
            She is the lady whom i want to embrace

I want her to be mine,
              Would never leave her any time

But still,

Her cute looks, and love for books      
               Make me inferior, and drop my hopes

I am feeling the pain
          As  My attempts are going in-vain

Her love made me a Man of thought,
           As for the first time, the tears were dropped,

Days are passing in her thoughts,
             Nights in moaning about her a lot

Hope this will surely end
              With we both having our Hand-in-Hand


Missing her | English Poetry

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