I am I | Poetry

I am I | Poetry

I am I | Poetry | English

To the world which praises me high,

The people who  blame me hard,

Those who consider me great,

And to them who make me feel apart,

To all those views  that people share,

To them, this is what I think,

This is what I care,

I was, I am and I will be the same,

The person in me, unaffected by the name.

In me, I believe,

For my soul, I live.

My thoughts guide me,

My acts define me

I have a life  and I live for it,


Untouched of what it might lead to being.

Today is what for I am known

Yesterday is not for regret, It’s gone

Tomorrow is not today so I leave it alone.

We are here together,

But what’s our fate?

Believe or not,

But I exist to you till we relate,

Once over, It will be no one.

You, me and everybody will be unknown

In the crowd, we will be on our own,

Searching for ourselves,

To understand and to be known.

Neither the memories will work, nor the feelings will react,

The time once gone, Is better to forget,

I  Have rules, I have ethics

I follow them, I repeat, I avoid them or I leave

That’s up to me and that’s my wish

What you think is not what I care

The pressure of your thoughts is not what I bear

I say what I feel,

It may hurt you or it may heal

I am blunt, I dare,

I talk with honesty, and that’s rare.

You, we are particles of clay,

Made to exist and then decay

We are here, to  run,

Once over, we are done.

Lone we came, Lone will be the End

None shared the birth,

None will share the death

It is hard but a Fact.

I know this and I feel it.,

So I don’t just leave life instead I live it.

@ramta jogi

I am I | Poetry | English


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