• Kal- The Past, The Future | Hindi Poetry

    Kal- The Past, The Future | Hindi Poetry

    Kal- The Past, The Future | Hindi Poetry

    Jo baatein kal unse hui,

    Vo kal kisi aur se bhi hogi

    Jo pyaar bhari mulakaatein kal unse hui

    Vo kal kisi aur se bhi hogi

    Vo afsaane, panno pe fir parose jayenge

    Vo nagme, shabdon mein fir pirohye jayenge,

    Fir se hogi vo gud gudi do dilon ke bich,

    Fir se vo janmo janam ke vaade dohraye jayenge

    Vo shaamein hasi se fir khilegi

    Fir kisi ke sang vo raatein, meethi baton se dhalegi,

    Vo jaane anjaane mein rok tok fir hogi,

    Vo ruthne manane ki nok jhok fir hogi,

    Sab Kuch jo kal unke sang hua, vo kal fir hoga

    Ab ki baar sirf vo waqt, vo daur alag hoga,

    Zindagi ka samundar to rahega vahi,

    Bas kashti ke intzaar ka choor alag hoga

    Kuch lamhon ke tham jane se, waqt rukta nahi,

    Kuch apno ke bichad jane se , pal theherta nai,

    Vo to tha ful tha kamal  ka,

    Use to kichard se nikalna hi tha,

    Apni khushboo se roshan karne pure jahaan ko,

    Use kaanton se to bichardna hi tha,
    Yaadein to rahegi uski, zehen mein humesha,

    Dil tutne ka dukh bhi hoga,

    Par jo bit gaya use bhulake

    Ane wale kal ki umeed ka sukh bhi hoga,

    Ab vo alfaaz alag honge,

    Jo in lafzon se niklenge ,

    Gehraai ki sochme, Sanjoke niklenge,

    Pyaar to hoga beshumaar firse,

    Is baar samajhdaar bhi hoga,

    Sirf umeedon pe jo tika hua tha,

    Ab thoda hoshiyaar bhi hoga
    Naadani to hogi firse,

    Par kal ki galtiyaan na dohraai jayengi

    Sikhaya hai ateet ne jo,

    Vo sikh ab saari nazar ayengi

    Bachpana bhi hoga aankhon mein,

    Hothon pe masum si muskaan bhi khilegi,

    Vo jo ek umeed sajai thi kal unke saath,

    Vo hakikat banke ab kisi ke sang aur behtar guzregi.


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  • The Desire | English Poetry | Love, relations | ramtajogi.co.in

    The Desire | Poetry

    The Desire | English Poetry

    In a life full of frustration,

    Each one living here has more and more ambitions,

    Some want to love, some wants feel,

    Someone wants to make big, some want to heal,

    Someone wants to dance, someone wants to sing,

    Everyone wants something,

    That might not have been heard or seen,

    Each one is able, Everyone is capable,

    To dance, to sing, to act and to think.

    But why it still goes flat? 

    Why only a few climb the heights, the rest just rest.

    It’s because of,


    The desire, the need,

    The desperation, the greed,

       Is what makes you succeed.

    It’s the climbing hard in the night when others sleep,

    It’s when others take rest, you take a leap.

    It’s when others just think and you actually act,

    When others find it hard, you easily adapt.

    When others give up, you give in.

    Believing your work –worth believing,

    Neither the noise of insult effects nor the applause of praise,

    You just go on, giving what your work demands,

    With a content heart and smile on your face.

    You work for your work, you live for it,

    You want it to succeed, you give for it

    It’s in your manner, in your act,

    In your character, in your deed

    That desperation, that greed

    That desire, that need

    That makes you succeed.

    @ramta jogi


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  • I am I | Poetry

    I am I | Poetry

    I am I | Poetry | English

    To the world which praises me high,

    The people who  blame me hard,

    Those who consider me great,

    And to them who make me feel apart,

    To all those views  that people share,

    To them, this is what I think,

    This is what I care,

    I was, I am and I will be the same,

    The person in me, unaffected by the name.

    In me, I believe,

    For my soul, I live.

    My thoughts guide me,

    My acts define me

    I have a life  and I live for it,


    Untouched of what it might lead to being.

    Today is what for I am known

    Yesterday is not for regret, It’s gone

    Tomorrow is not today so I leave it alone.

    We are here together,

    But what’s our fate?

    Believe or not,

    But I exist to you till we relate,

    Once over, It will be no one.

    You, me and everybody will be unknown

    In the crowd, we will be on our own,

    Searching for ourselves,

    To understand and to be known.

    Neither the memories will work, nor the feelings will react,

    The time once gone, Is better to forget,

    I  Have rules, I have ethics

    I follow them, I repeat, I avoid them or I leave

    That’s up to me and that’s my wish

    What you think is not what I care

    The pressure of your thoughts is not what I bear

    I say what I feel,

    It may hurt you or it may heal

    I am blunt, I dare,

    I talk with honesty, and that’s rare.

    You, we are particles of clay,

    Made to exist and then decay

    We are here, to  run,

    Once over, we are done.

    Lone we came, Lone will be the End

    None shared the birth,

    None will share the death

    It is hard but a Fact.

    I know this and I feel it.,

    So I don’t just leave life instead I live it.

    @ramta jogi

    I am I | Poetry | English


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    The Love We Hate | Love Poetry

    The Love We Hate | Love Poetry

    With Life,

    We began,

    Between Family And friends,

    We ran,

    With happiness and sadness we were surrounded,

    In this small world of ours we were grounded,

    Love, than was not even in the air,

    Neither did we knew, nor did we cared

    But not too soon , nor too late,

    Love too entered my fate,

    With a sweet smile, innocent face,

    She came in my life by God’s grace,

    Chat’s and talks,

    Moved to long walks,

    Feeling arose, love came,

    Whatever it was ,we never blamed.

    Days were good, days were going,

    It was the time we were enjoying,

    Her lovely looks, her childish talks ,

    In that i was totally lost.

    We were good ,we were great ,

    Life was at its best stage

    But ,

    Time was Odd

    And was our fate

    We left once, and never mate.

    Season changed , people changed,

    For whatever happened,whom to blame?

    Whom to blame , for the love that lost?

    Whom to blame for the feel that frost?

    No one was guilty, none did the theft

    It was only the love, THE LOVE that left.

    And so ,

    The Love we Had ,

    Is now “The Love We Hate”

    ——————–ramta jogi

    The Love We Hate | Love Poetry


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