Love- Met & Lost | English Poetry

Love- Met & Lost | English Poetry

Love- Met & Lost | Poetry

It was the time of day,
The water dried, the heat lay.
The snow was frozen, the eyes wept;
Past struck to me, and for days I never slept
The reason was the memories
The memories of the eyes,
Of the face, 
Of the love, Of the hug,
Of the promises, we promised
Of the hatred we buried,
Of the care, we showed,
Of the love we adored,
Of the happiness we had,
Which never cherished and slowly left.
Still, memories continued,
Of my plead to forgive,
Of your deed not to give,
Of my tears of sorry,
Of your heart which didn’t
And finally,
Of the last talk, we had together,
Of the last walk, we walked together
Of life, we lived together,
And finally, of the dream,
we dreamt together


Love- Met & Lost | English Poetry

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