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How Life is @ 22 | Life Blog

How Life is @ 22 | Life Blog

Weird, thoughtful, insightful, that is what our age @ 22 defines.

Though both digit of our age appear same, at this time but there is no such sameness apart from this,

Our bachelors seemed to be completed anyhow by this time {except some exceptions of doctors, lawyers and failures too} and we are about to keep our half-developed minds into this fully developed world, to learn how to develop the rest of the half part.

And in that state, we spend most of the time getting confused, bewildered and roaming aimlessly here and there. 90% of the girls with whom we had actually talked or only had a crush in secondary school are either engaged or married (committed is left far behind). The time to impress them and get committed to them is already gone and some high packet salary nerd has already sealed the deal.


All our rowdiness and machoness which we showed in school and college by not studying and not attending lectures has finally shown its after-effects and we are roaming here and there with no jobs in hand. Getting out from the house is getting dangerous day by day, as all the neighbours start staring and asking about marriage and job, neither of which can be answered nor can be denied, so with a low face, we need to run out of the place as fast as possible.

All the entrance exam options, opting for which we could have at-least justified that we are busy studying, are either over or are too hard even to try and if some exam is easy than it is not worth for us to try it. So finally at 22, we are left only with  a bunch of friends who along with us are travelling in the same train and that’s why it gives us a sort of relaxation that we are not alone in this “ERA  of 22”

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