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Fun Facts at the age of 24.

Fun Facts at the age of 24

  1. Firstly be thankful to GOD as 1, 53,000 people die every day and at this age and you are still alive and reading this.
  2. Irrespective of whether you move or not, life will definitely move on; and so better rush. Don’t wait
  3. People will come, spend time with you and will go away. So no need to wait for them.
  4. You will have break-ups in your relations, your girlfriend/ boyfriend might double date on you, or even she might get engaged to some rich guy/girl. Smoking and boozing might become your happiness. Then don’t think it’s filmy and anything will change. It’s totally acceptable, and you have to believe it, live it with it and move on.
  5. You will trust people, have blind faith in them, and they will break it. So what, you haven’t signed a Trust contract with them. So none of you was liable to keep it for a lifetime. Go ahead with your life and enjoy.
  6. You will do well and feel proud, you will do badly and regret and also will be sorry for it. But in either case, people are not liable to praise you or accept your sorry, so don’t worry. Just go on and do well and try to avoid bad things again. Follow the cycle in a better way, that’s life.
  7. At this age of 24, many of your friends are married or are about to get married. And you don’t have the slightest of “why” and still you only think “Why People marry so early?” Trust me that might be the problem with age not with us.
  8. At this age, the girls with whom you used to flirt for long hours, rarely might have a talk with you. And even if they do, the only discussion you both have is a “Hi” and  “How are you”  and that too because they too have goals in their life and boyfriends too. Then leave it, you can’t do anything in it
  9. You might be still single. So no issue with that, you might enjoy that stage by laughing out loud on people who are suffering in relationships or just had breakups.
  10. At 24, you are not consistent in a full-time job; neither you have converted a college for M.S. in the U.S. or elsewhere and nor converted a good B School in India, and you are juggling to make yourself set in any one of them. Don’t feel sad and lonely; trust me I am with you.
  11. At 24, at your home, you only hear what your 1st-2nd or 3rdor so on numbered cousin have achieved and you don’t know what to react and you just leave out from your home, again trust me I am with you.
  12. Sooner or later at this age, you will realize that packages were not meant only for travel and honeymoon packages, even daily you will hear about people getting different salary packages.
  13. None of your crushes is any more your crushes, many of them might be not even in your contact and even if some are in your touch than that’s only because you might have attended their wedding and have a photograph of that marriage with you. So what one day you too will be married. Relax.
  14. At  24, you might be spending hours and hours of your day, not even checking your cell phone. Though you already know that neither there is anyone special to text you and nor there is any important work that people can ask from you, and even after checking it later you prove yourself right. In that case, no comments.
  15. At this age, you sit idle for hours and you have neither a friend as free as you are, who can waste his/her time with you for the whole day nor do you have a girlfriend, who can chat with you or worry about you. I know it might be frustrating, but again no comments.
  16. You meet some of your friends every evening at 8.00 and you all discuss what you should do to make it big or make it large in your life along with feeling that the system is wrong and you spend the next 5 hours in it, before falling asleep, and this becomes a cycle every evening. Then for sure, something might be wrong with you.
  17. You will love someone, with a feeling of contentment and in many cases, it ends with the sadness of not seeing a future with them. But that’s a part of life. Feel it, live it and move on
  18. There will be days when your mornings will begin at 12.00 pm and good nights will start at 3.00 am. That’s the best life you can have, so enjoy that phase.
  19. Pocket money is no longer a serious concern, because anyhow with the so-called “pocket money”, you will not be able to do anything. So, just start a job to spend more.
  20. You will see people of your age, travelling in different cars, and all luxurious accessories, and you still on the same 10-year-old, family vehicle. Promise yourself that at your age your child will be in a better condition.
  21. You will realize that the most unwanted duffers of your school or college batch are in a good position; living a good contended life, with a good job and an awesome girl. No issue, consider it a harsh fact and believe it. You might see many such cases in the near future also.
  22. There will days when you will realise that the world is worried about international crises; your friends are worried about their future, your family about your sister’s marriage. And balancing monthly income and the only things that make you cautious and happy are good food and good books, a good television series and sleep. So what!! That is the best thing. Enjoy
  23. Your night will pass thinking about the future and will scare you out, and still, the only step you will take will be to update that thought on Facebook. So what!! Who knows that might make you someday a good writer.
  24. And Finally, at the age of 24, you might have many things to work out; many plans to follow and many aims to achieve and still, you just read novels, increase your fat in your tummy, and spend time writing ” 24 Facts @ 24″.So what !!   Live Your Dream, We are alive firstly to fulfil our dream only. 🙂

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