Friends for life | English Poetry

Friends for life | English Poetry

Friends for life | English Poetry

With the twist and turns, 
 Life embarks:
With life; comes a list of parts,
Some are close, Some are far,
But all arose from the same starts. 
Time moves, age enhance 
Then comes the part, 
 Which alone withstands 

The part not connected or related, 
The part totally isolated 
That  part is termed as “Friends“ by name,
Defined in many ways all ends in the same.  1st  they make their way in our lives 
Slowly they become the reason to survive.
They become the reason to laugh, 
The reason to cry,
The reason to quit, 
The reason to try. 
Slowly and slowly they become a thought, 
An emotion altogether 
They become a part, 
Which is felt altogether
 They change our world from idle to life 

They make us understand why “Life Is called Life” 
That’s Why They Are Defined As “Friends For Life”

Friends for life | English Poetry


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