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Quest for life | Life Blog

Quest for life | Life Blog

Today morning 8:05, eyes were half-closed half-open. Getting up from bed, I did the 1st thing which all of us do in this era, “checked the phone”.Nothing was there in It and again with laziness in my body and eyes, I was back on my bed.

Suddenly something rushed and my mind; I need to get up and get ready for my office {I hate that place}. And while getting ready I was continuously thinking about 1 thing, “What am I doing”, “Is this the thing I wished before studying?  Office?  what do I actually do there? Why do I actually go there? As we say that we do what we love, but there is nothing sort of love with this place, and still I go there.


I sat on my pc and thought for a while about my friends. The ones who are employed in MNC’s and have the same schedule the whole year.
 And 1 thing I realised maximum people don’t actually even know what they are actually doing or want to do with their life. They just want to pass the life till they are alive, actually don’t even know what makes them happy or sad, they are just happy because they are doing something. They don’t even want to stress their nerves to think about why they are born in this world and think that they are born to live the life they are living and so they are contented with it.

 Happiness and contented has a lot of difference in it. Being happy is definitely being contented, but it’s not true visa-versa. And in the minority section are the people like us, we don’t have a problem with what we are doing, but we have a problem that why we are doing this or that? We are in need to satisfy our urge to by finding the answer to our questions and also doing what we like, and that is why we are sad{sometimes}.
We sometimes are in short in the midst of
Quest of life



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