A girl.The girl | English Poetry

A girl.The girl | English Poetry

A girl.The girl | English Poetry

Winds changed their direction,

The summer passed,

The return was different

What left at first, didn’t last.

The arrival was not the same, The departure was made to blame,

The chaos in her subsided the peace,

She smiled but was not at her ease.

The child in her had died,

It was just the woman, who survived.

At a distance she stood,

Looked like the woman, I didn’t  understood.

The child had majestic eyes,

They laughed and cried at the same time,

The woman had a thoughtful view,

Practical and logically shrewd,

The child was entangled in the struggle of hope,

Jostling in and out, stretching the threads of rope,

The woman now had embraced her soul,

Not much to shudder, not much to howl

 The child then had a life,

Whereas the woman just lives,

Tired of searching, her inner peace

As the distance closed,,

Her aura on my thoughts, bestowed,

The smile was still at its peak,

The charming eyes still had a lot to speak,

Not the woman, she was still the child,

Disguised for others, known to the ones nearby,

It was a mistake, I was wrong,

Though it was an illusion, but that of my own,

Somewhere I thought,

 I met a girl whom I thought I lost to the world unknown,

But she was still the girl, the girl very much known,

I never met the woman, it was the same child,

Life played the magic, the eyes got deceived by…….


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