Something | English Poetry

Something | English Poetry

Something | English Poetry

It’s something I feel for you, It’s something for what I care, Something very pious, Something very pure Something for what I am, Now-onwards very sure Something that makes me feel good, something that makes me feel great
Something that one can never, One can never hate
Something that gives me peace, Something that takes life at ease,

Something that makes me smile,
Something that makes life worthwhile,
Something that draws away from the sorrows, draws away from the pain, Something that makes you feel good, even when you are totally drained,
Something that doesn’t require to kiss to prove, Something that doesn’t require a hug to heal,
Something that doesn’t require a Tag to show, something that doesn’t require tears to feel,
It’s above all bondages, it’s above all what can be heard,
Its something what I feel, Its something what can only be felt, Like many people, like many names, Whatever this something is, for me, it’s the same.
Some say, love, some say care, But whatever it is, I don’t really care,
Because whatever it is termed,                      For me, this something is very rare

Something | English Poetry


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