Best Short Story: The dysfunctional family

Story: The dysfunctional family

Not every family laughs together, some even shout together too !! On a very important topic for the present generation, highlighting the internal issues within a family with no reason or logic behind those issues. Presenting one of the best short story: The dysfunctional family.

The engine started to roar signalling the takeoff. The marriage in the family concluded happily with only a few fights, misunderstanding and ego issues: nothing unusual.

The elders came out to drop them to the car. Each one was wishing a safe and happy journey; deep inside hoping for the car to leave the very next second. The sister looped in the car, as she did not have any hugs or kisses to share with her cousins. The brother helped the driver to adjust the luggage in the back of the car.

Packed in the car:

The mother and father were still in conversation with the elders. The driver sat and signalled the others to leave. Finally, for the very first and last moment, all four sat in the car and waived their hands to the ones standing out there with a smiling face. The first gear was put on and with the very first turn towards the main road, all smiles in the car faded.

And it starts…

The suit buttons were opened and safety pins handling the blouse and Saree were removed to get more comfortable. The father brought out his tobacco leaves to chew. Seeing him chewing, the daughter signalled the mother.

Dialogue starts:-

Mother:  The moment you leave the house, all your nonsense activities start. Do you even understand what effect it will cause to your health and to your children watching you eat this?

Father:  Do you have a decent polite tone to speak to your husband? You first tell me what the kids will learn from this.

The father glared to the mother and she lowered her voice. The moment it seemed that now it will be a smooth ride, the sister started.

Sister:  You know mother, the aunt was again blaming me for bad behaviour with her daughter in law.

Before the mother could answer, the father intervened,

Father:  You don’t know how to behave. You must have done something wrong again. I should have never brought you to the village again.

Sister (fuming with anger because of the words of the father):   Who are you to judge? You don’t even know the matter I am talking about. That is why I don’t like to travel with you, you spoil the mood every time. I was talking to mother, but no! You have to interfere

Father (responding to the mother):  

Are you watching this? THIS is what she has learnt in your upbringing.

Sister was about to shout again when the mother stopped her.

Mother:  If I am the cause of her bad upbringing then who is responsible for your behaviour?

Fighting and shouting in front of the driver.

They stared each other and the glares replaced the words.

The son on the other end saw the scene going in the car but focused on his mobile.

The car took a halt for tea. The family entered the restaurant and all silently had their food.

As they moved back to the car, the son carried a bottle of soft drink and some wafers for the journey.

The car started and so did the father

And it continues…..

Father:  The boy only wants to eat junk food and nothing else. He just wants to do whatever he feels. Not respecting parents or other family members. He is totally shameless.

Son:  But I did nothing now. I had these snacks because I was hungry.

Mother:  But here your father is right. You don’t respect your elders, nor do you obey their words. You just have to do what you feel is right. This is not a way a family works.

Sister:  He was not present even in the functions of the wedding.

Son:   You already know I hate weddings.

Father:  I should have never brought you here. It was my mistake

Mother:  If bringing everyone here is a mistake then you yourself shouldn’t have come here

Father:  This unnecessary intervention by you has spoiled the entire family. I seriously do not find any logic talking to you.

Sister:  As if my mother finds any logic with you.

Father:  Good. This is your respect for your father, of speaking to him on your mother’s behalf. We talk about culture, customs and values and this is what we find in our home.

Son:  And look! Even you are not able to change a family trait. What a shame!

It goes on and on……

Father:  Don’t you dare speak to me in that tone boy, or else I will give you a tight slap. You are getting on my nerves.

Son: I did nothing. I am just telling you.

Father:  I am telling you just stop.

Mother (speaking to Son): Why are you telling him, you be in your own world and live your life. You don’t care about us and so you don’t need to say anything. So just shut up

Sister: You people are mad, arguing and shouting like retards. Why don’t you just kill yourself?

Mother: These are your manners which you will show when you get married! Be quiet and stay out.


The shouting and argument continued. The sister cried a few tears in the corner and closed her eyes. The brother had his headphones on and ignored everything else. The mother and father continued their arguments and the driver listened.

They arrived at the destination. The children’s maternal grandfather was waiting at the gate. As the car turned towards their gate, the loosened buttons got tightened again. The safety pins were tugged. The tears were cleared by applying a layer of mascara beneath eyes. And the headphones were removed also making the hairstyle a better one.

The car stopped and the family came out, all with their smiling faces again. The driver laughed and the superficiality of life cried at the same time !!

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Best Short Story: The dysfunctional family

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