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The Walk | Short story

The Walk | Short story

The beginning

The lane was devoid of any noise. Sheer silence prevailed as if the beautiful words of a poetess had mesmerized the people, leaving them numb with awe. The darkness of the night began to spread its arms, engulfing the light of the sun. Braving the night stood a street lamp at a distance whose light beautified the night with its glow. With their hearts throbbing, they walked together. Each step drawing them closer to the lamp. Each step asking them questions, and urging them to open up. The fortuitous silence paved the way for things unspoken. It wanted them to look into each other’s eyes. It wanted those eyes to flow, to tell each other about their dreams, their desires.

Perhaps it wasn’t the day for talking. The chilly, wintry night was paying homage to their love. The gentle refraction of the light revealed their faces. In a traditional yellow dress, she looked like a princess. Her eyes glittering; of course, she was emotional. Those eyes could have been stars in the sky, but tonight they were here, right in front of him. Her curly hair looked like a deep dark forest. And there he was; with his off white shirt, half tucked in his faded jeans.

The flow..

As the light of the lamp brightened her face, he looked at her through his frameless glasses. As a momentary smile came to their faces, dark clouds mounted in the night sky, adding more chill to the already cold atmosphere. The stars disappeared behind the clouds, and so did the moon, desperately trying to lighten the sky. Her fair face jewelled in the light of the lamp, and clouds did nothing to the glitter in her eyes. Her smile made a beautiful dimple in her cheek, adding immense charm to her personality. As they stared each other, their eyes began to talk. Their hands drew closer to each other, and then she immersed her hands into his. The scene was picture perfect. It seemed as if a lovely story was about to unfold, with the night, the lamp and the sky being a silent audience.

They came closer, so close that they could feel the warmth of each other’s breath. Their lips caressed each other as they exchanged a soft kiss. Enclosing each other with their arms, they hugged. They stood there that way for minutes. She gripped him tightly, resting her head against his chest. He held her tighter, she belonged to him. They loosened their holds and spoke softly near each other’s ear.

“It’s over…”

The words that were supposed to distance them instead brought their hearts closer. They stood there in the same position, both knew that it was supposedly the end. It was the end of their togetherness, the end of the emotions they shared, end of the countless memories they were a part of. He was about to get married in the coming months, while she will have to search for a life which would define her, and give her an existence of her own without his support.


What went wrong? Who was to be blamed? These were questions that mattered no more. Probably it was destined to end. They wanted to end it with a smile. But smiles weren’t ready to grace their faces at that moment. Holding back tears was the priority. With every passing minute, dark became darker. It was time they should leave. With heavy hearts, they moved apart in opposite directions. They tried to force a smile on their faces which became wet with tears. No more words could be spoken. The hands left each other slowly, well aware of the fact that they can’t be held together ever again. With a lot of courage, they turned their backs towards each other and left. Their story of a beautiful journey together ended. They were able to hold their tears back, but the sky couldn’t. It rained that night.

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Edited by: Akshay Toplay


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