The innocence of love- 4 | Short story

The innocence of love- 4 | Short story

Finally, after a long thirst, the rain-drenched. Exams were over, and we all were happy. After the last exam, I directly rushed to her place to talk to her; but hard luck it was locked. I left. That day I called her many times in the evening but still no response. Many thoughts started to dwell in my mind all negative, but still, I tried to console myself to my shock, I received a call from Anamika at 8.30 at night. I have not expected a call at that time from her. hello Anamika, what happened? I asked

Is that you ask your friend who calls you after a month? She asked in a childish toneOh!1no no Anamika, I didn’t mean that I was too just…“she giggled.” are budhuu, I am kidding” she saidSo shall we meet. Now? I asked in shocked. Yes, why? You little girl your parents will not allow you or what, ?’” she said and again began to laugh.

Though she was teasing me, I was loving each and every word of her, even her laugh too.after a long time I was seeing her happy and I really didn’t want to spoil that. So finally I agreed and I picked her up from her place and we left for the lakeside, to have a sit and talkWe finally reached there and with her wish we went out from the car and sat on a mattress down on the mud. I witnessed her with a sigh of relaxation. She was still looking at the most beautiful girl I had ever met. I was loving her more and more. We began with the casual talks and landed back to the personal ones.


I was in no hurry to her about her decision, but this time she was. She held my hand into hers, her face rested on my shoulders and she began to say,“  abhisekh, you are the best guy I had ever met in my life. The talks we have, the times you made me laugh, the feeling we have for each other, is incomparable, .the way you treat me and respect me, I cannot expect that from any other person.

That day you told me how much you love and respect me. I thought about that entire reading vacation” I was slowly feeling a few negative thoughts in betweenShe continued“I realized about that, but with much thought in that, I found that love and commitment are two different sorts of things. To be in commitment never always guaranteed love, you can see that in my parents,20 years of marriage, but still no sort of affection between them.

And similarly, no true love always requires a committed relationship to prove its love. Sometimes certain love stories are always better when left apart from a relation. Their purity remains as it is without getting destroyed   ” when Rajit went from my life, I realized life is not always what we think, and love is not always what comes in a relationship. Time is changing and so are relations, and with you, I don’t want to destroy the relation which we already have.”Saying these words, she embarrassed me in her arms and began to cry.


I consoled her, though I myself was filled with tears in my eyes, seeing her cry was not possible for me.“ I understand Anamika, for all those things you said, I will not at all force you on this topic from today, I want you to be happy, that’s the priority, rest if anything can happen we will definitely see.”We tightly hugged each other after that we left for home, and for the 1st time that night, I cried entirely.

I wasn’t able to stop the only girl from going out of my life. I was feeling guilty. All those good memories were flashing the entire night. The next few days were very hard for me. I made myself totally isolated from the outer world for a few weeks. Day and night my room was the only place to enjoy for me. Even mom and dad were tensed, so they called Tarun and Navin to ask about me. But both of them handled my situation telling that I was just having a relaxation as school is completed. Finally, I came out of my home the day results were declared and we all were passed. My dad hosted a party in that name, and everyone was invited. That day I was a bit relaxed hearing that Anamika passed with very good marks.


As a result, came, all got busy searching for good colleges. In my case, dad had already done that thing, thanks to his contacts. So I was just relaxing a bit more. In weeks both Tarun and Navin got admission in college outside Gujarat. Anamika too shifted to Chennai for her college,(I got to know that from Navin). As Tarun and Navin too left from Ahmadabad, the next day I just went online to check my mail. To my surprise, the last one was from Anamika, mailed an hour backThe mail stated: “Abhisekh! I really don’t know why to refuse you, but I know I can’t accept you.

But still Whenever some1 in any part of the world will ask me, what love is, I will answer in 1 word “Abhisekh my flight is about to leave in an hour. I will cry if I see you, I will feel like a guilty person, so it’s better without thinking about life, we leave it as it is and see what doles out of it” bye take care. “EpilogueThe phone rang, which brought me out of the sweet innocent memories of the life which had passed, and tears felt with a smile on my face. I walked down and left for my office.

Certain love stories never get completed, they just get purer with time                

The innocence of love- 4 | Short story             


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