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The last Good-Bye |Short Story

The last Good-Bye | Short Story

Prescript: The name of this letter is “The Last Goodbye”, that doesn’t mean we won’t be having any touch after you are gone, but it means that after this I am not going to say goodbye ever, ever and ever again. I am not going this far away from you ever after this, because since last 5 days only I know how I am living these days.

                       The Last Good-Bye

They say the first day and the last day are always special in everybody’s life, as they begin or end something. And either of these conditions will make you happy or sad or both. In my case, the first day was neither happy nor sad, it was just as usual. It was good. But definitely in a day or two will be the last day, and I don’t know how will I be then. But I hope I will have happy and sad feelings both but both to a higher extent: – A mixed feeling. A feeling of absurdness, a feeling of emptiness, an indefinable feeling. Something which even my words can’t describe. It might witness a smile on my face with my eyes wet. It will see the rarest of facial expression of mine. 

I don’t cry that easily. People call me stubborn and “Selfish”, but yes I am pretty much sure, that that stubbornness will end in this case. I am sad and will be sad at least for days because certain things are not easily bearable, and neither are easily separable, which have made a deep impact on your soul your heart and more importantly your life in whole.


It was just the other day nearly 2 years back when I met you. Nothing unusual happened that day, no special people were meeting neither the atmosphere got filmy, and neither there was love at first sight. I came with our old friend, who made us introduced to each other. When you shook your hand, saying a “Hi ”, I saw that I was talking to a very bold and independent sort of girl, who has got nothing to praise in her looks or body and who was supposedly my classmate and whom I had never noticed in my class. It began and ended the same normal way.

Things began to build up slowly between us, as I initiated the talks on Facebook as well as on phone. I was pretty much busy flirting and enjoying with other girls that I just began to exchange messages and talks with you rarely. But somehow I don’t realize when this rarely turned out occasionally and that turned out as a daily routine activity. I was beginning to feel good about everything related to you. Whether it was your voice or your sense of humour, both were (and are) exceptionally great.

A time came when my terms with our common friend became sour, but by then I was in good touch with you {at least from my side, that’s what I think}. We began to talk at times for hours, but you used to get irritated with them as long talks and regular contact with anybody for more than 2 hours is somewhat unbearable for you at that time{* to be precise it’s even now}.


Regarding this, we had many arguments, many fights, a lot of time my insult, but I never understood what stopped me to be still there with you. Being very arrogant from the early age and full of attitude {that’s what people say} you could have never expected that I would have still continued to be in your touch. But don’t know which sort of vibes were coming from you that made me ignore each of your acts that were not liked by me.  As time grew, the friendship flourished. It became more of casual than a formality. 

We laughed to each other talks, began to share the things which were not meant to be known by all. Yes !! it was strange that the meeting each other regularly for two of us was a rarity. Neither of us was interested nor wanted to meet regularly. Yes even though many a time I asked and was declined by you, but that didn’t change my feelings for you. Moving ahead even the meeting began, though for some reasons like an exam or other. But believe me !!  In my view they were fruitful.

They were better than expected. And even today I rejoice those moments. I will give you the credit that at this point you were the person who bared me. I know who I am, and how I am and so by any means you handled the talks. You either ignore the bad part of me from your mind, and many times you accepted it as a part of me and so didn’t reacted, but you helped to take this friendship further. Life is a race not with a straight ground, but it’s a 200-meter huddle race on a circular ground, and accordingly, we too continued with certain issues with one another, certain fights but in the end, a “good night” from my side always ended with a “bye” from your side.

As a person I began to adore you, respect you more. A person like you was never ever witnessed by me any-time before. Your thoughts, your humour, your persona, your character all these made me an ardent follower of yours. Any talk with you gave me peace in my heart and smile on my face. Yes !! I know everyone praises you this way, but this is my “GOODBYE” letter, so I will also do.
By now, a strong feeling for you had already taken place in my heart and you were very well aware of it.


But time flew came a big and great decision for your life and harsh decision for me. You decided to fly abroad. It was good, it was great but the small child in my heart was unyielding to this decision that it should not take place. I tried to console myself, tried to make myself believe all the good things that may happen in the future, but the foolish heart was still in the mind frame of the present. And the reality was something very much known but not at all expected.
By this time, you became my DBMS- database management system. 

From beginning to end, almost all my secrets (except 2-3, that I told will tell you later), my regular routine, my friends, their secrets, my mood swings, my interests, almost everything was known to you. And it was all good. You know me, very well, even more than I know you. I trust you more than anyone else. What you gave me in my life; 


I can’t even imagine even whether anyone else will be ever able to give me. You can’t even imagine that you made me a person of heart, vulnerable to emotions, people’s feelings. But as they say, a special person deserves special things, If ever I was in that state that for me anything would have been possible, you can’t even imagine what all you would have received, just for Being “YOURSELF”.


The last days, when you remained busy with packing and stuff, I got a bit numb. I was not crying but neither I was laughing. I tried to live a normal-like, but something in my heart was aching. Whatever you call it, this was my condition. Day by day thinking about you my stubbornness was getting lesser and lesser. I was becoming vulnerable to breaking down at each and every small things or feeling. It was for the 1st time that my eyes got wet at any emotional thing. Any thought of yours made me emotional. Even while writing this it was like I was holding my tears back in my eyes. 

I avoided staying alone as then the only thing that came was missing you, I always tried to be in a company of 2-3 people. But somehow I was not even able to tell the best of the people’s in my life that what I was feeling and for whom I was feeling. As they say, certain special things are always kept as SECRET, and you know what my SECRET is “YOU”. I don’t know what you have done to me, but believe me, this is the best of me which you have brought of me. A person, a unique sample like you is someone I have never met and after you even I don’t want to meet.

Finally, in a day or two, whenever you will read this, you will be gone. But you know what will remain.
It’s the memories, “MEMORIES” The smallest talk for seconds that I had talked with you will remain forever. The long hours of conversation with you will be felt. The comments passed by you will be missed, The time spent with you will be craved. Your laugh, your thoughts, your nature, your character will be remembered. And more importantly, it’s “You” who will be missed more.


After this, For whom the short lines, will be written?
For whom the small poems will be crafted? For whom letters of short stories will be written? Who will have that persona, who can make my eyes wet while writing an “A goodbye letter”?
I don’t think anybody will.
Relations based on name splits when the name is withdrawn from them, but the relations based on feelings and respect stays forever with the person irrespective of time and age, they arouse from the soul and stay there forever.
Whatever in future turns out between us I don’t know and neither you do, 
But as you said the other day, “There can be no one better than you”.I will agree to it today. There can be no one better than YOU.

Keep Smiling, You Will be Missed


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