The Box | Short Story

The Box | Short Story

The clock was about to strike noon. Every face had supposedly come with the same purpose in mind, and it is the first day, seemed supposedly motivated. The eyes of all focused on a common wall. As time passed by, the motivation diluted. Most people’s eyes stared at the wall blankly, and with utter disregard, their minds were lost in the thoughts of their favourite TV shows, favourite food and favourite superheroes. There were some who resisted the trains of their thoughts and focused on the primary reason why they were there.

His eyes wandered. Sometimes he would see the light, then the fan and then came down towards those who sat around him. His eyes finally rested in the right corner of the room just next to the exit door. Even the one side view was good enough to bring a smile on his face.


The birthmark beneath her nose complemented perfectly her face and the star-like shine in her eyes. The constant movement of her lips as if talking to herself, made him laugh. Almost as a tradition followed religiously by everyone there, she too was busy doodling something. Her hair was perfectly in place, with just a small strand of it coming on her face which she tucked behind her ear from time to time. Her dress was similar to other girls in the room but astonishingly suited her the most.

She turned around casually and for him at that very moment, it all seemed right, altogether. Seeing him staring at her continuously she was at first taken aback. Wondering why the guy was doing so, she stared back at him changing her facial expression again and again. This didn’t stop him, instead, he looked at her with more curiosity. It seemed fun and he enjoyed doing it even more!


In a room that was full of strangers, he made a sweet gesture by waving his hand and asking her to come near and take the seat next to him. She didn’t seem to be amused by his friendliness and looked away from him to concentrate on her doodling. Clueless, he started to stare at other people in the room, but again, his eyes went back to the same corner. A few minutes later, she turned her head towards him. Something was going on in her mind, she couldn’t help being inclined towards the only guy who seemed to care about her existence in the room. This time, she smiled back at him. As they say, a smile is contagious, hence both of them began to do the same.

The distance between them didn’t allow them to hear what the other was saying. Their eyes did the talking, some questions were asked, and they were answered through some gestures which only they could understand. The smiles symbolized affirmation. Finally, the clock struck 1 PM. The bell rang, the lecture was over. The teacher left the room. The students of class 5th B opened their bags and with their lunch boxes rushed towards the playground to enjoy it with their friends. She stood from her place with her lunch box and went towards his seat. He unzipped his bag, took out some chocolates and offered them to her.


“Lunch box?” she asked.

“Parents are out of town. So no lunch box today” he replied.

“No issues, you can share mine” said she.

Both smiled and ate the food.

Years passed, the students of 5th grade became adults and stayed together. He never brought his lunch box for all these years and his bag kept producing chocolates every day for her.

May be the lunch box bonded them better than a cup of coffee could have!


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