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Interpreting Life | Blog

Just the other day, I was enjoying the rain at 1 pm in the night, it was awesome. Just then the light on the terrace of the bungalow just opposite to my place switched on, a couple was seen enjoying the rain, in full mood. That too at midnight. I too smiled at them. And as soon as I entered back to my room from the balcony, I realised what they were enjoying in fact?
Was it the rain or the company of each other?

The next day, it was a totally cloudy pleasant atmosphere with the wind blowing in the most romantic way and I was coming from my office when a thought struck to my mind. How would it have been, if, on such a day, I was with my soul mate?


What did I actually want the good atmosphere to enjoy or the partner to be with me?
We actually don’t like the cool atmosphere or the fast rains or anything that sort. we only would have loved it if someone was there to enjoy it with us. If someone with whom we can share the beauty of that time.

 Rain or a good atmosphere or a festival are all the background score of a movie; which we like to hear, but in the centre stage, we just love to see the lead actor and actress to feel the love. In the same way; we always associate our desires to all the good part as well as the bad part of life. A family together, without any occasion is still a treat to be with than enjoying an occasion without a family.

Each and every materialistic happiness depends on the people you are going to enjoy with; without them its all and the same “of no use”. In the same way; all our achievements of life are attached to the people we wish to share them with, without them they are of no use.
Life without wealth, power and many such things is a curse in the outer world but life with no happiness is a lot bigger than a curse in an inner world.

Wealth can be achieved with great efforts, but happiness cant. It can only be felt. Live life with a wealth of happiness and see how beautiful the world looks.


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