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FriendShip – Then and Now | Life Blog

FriendShip – Then and Now | Life Blog

July 2011

“Take this away too, Mumbai, it was from the last part of instalment we had with us. Take this too,” shouted Mausam, standing at Nariman point in Mumbai, when his 10 rupees note fell down between the rocks. Watching his weird expressions and hearing him shouting all 4 started laughing, in such a way as if they have never laughed before. They laughed continuously not realizing what was happening to them.

It took them 15 minutes to realize that they were doing something unusual in public. But that time, they didn’t care. They knew they were with those people who will love them anyhow irrespective of what they are doing and about others they were least bothered.  They landed Mumbai the very day from Goa and planned to spend the day roaming here and there as their flight to Ahmedabad was scheduled the next day. And in spite of enjoying a lot, they felt that Mumbai robbed them. Either considering the charges of food or more importantly, considering the taxi charges.

At one point Mausam even stopped the taxi in the middle of his destination when he saw that the taxi fares were burning his pocket and walked the destination taking the other 3 with him. But they even loved that part, because they were together and that’s what mattered the most.
Mausam, Mihir, Romil and Aakash. 4 friends 4 Brothers. Met by destiny but lived together as if they were brothers who were separated in childhood. 

Brother for Life.

That’s what they termed each other.

As the colleges were about to end, the friendship between all the 4 grew closer. They used to hang out together, enjoy together and more important they gelled together very much. As the college got over, everyone got engrossed in their jobs. But still, the weekends were meant to be with each other. Roaming, discussing personal issues, professional life, sharing secrets, remembering past and all such stuff. They were so close to each other that seeing the face of one the other could guess the reason behind the expressions. All 4 celebrated birthdays with each other and additional friends of any birthday boy were not at all welcomed.

Each one’s family knew the other 3 as much as they knew their own son. Everyone had their personal life apart from each other but the thing was, at that time they knew the value of each other apart from their personal life. Time never passed when they used to be together, it paused. More precisely “IT STOPPED”. There were days when neither of them had anything to talk, but still, all sat on the 4 sofas at Mihir’s place, feeling peace and contentment because they knew that whatever doles out in future they have each other to be with, and that time that’s what mattered the most to them.

May 2014

All four still are Brothers for life as they called themselves 3 years ago. It’s just the definition of friendship has changed or diluted or it might have been affected by society. They still call each other; but only when its either an occasion or some help needed from the other. They still meet, but in months when 1 out of the 4 takes the initiative to plan a meeting and convince the other 3. Life goes on, but neither of them knows, what s happening in the life of the other 3.Lately,1 of them got engaged.1 got lost in his own world. The 3rd one, being introvert, never shared what’s going in his life and so no one knows what he is up-to. Whenever they meet they just hear that all are very busy in their life’s.

And without any argument and discussions, each one accepts it. The 4th one is doing what he can do at its best: Expressing his feelings with this article “FRIENDSHIP- Then and NOW”.But lately, he also believes that he too has worked; and also packing as he is leaving the town for further studies, but still has the time to meet up. But he knows that all the other 3 are busy, somewhere every time, so it has no use in calling and planning out something. It will only a 5-minute discussion with each of them which will end in and excuse or a reason for why they are not coming.


Just on a random day, Romil messaged Aakash to plan for a water park trip, but Aakash said he was busy with his work and so he refused. Mausam postponed it to 2 weeks later. A perfect example of the 5-minute discussion.
Do we really think we are that much busy in life that we cant get time, to drop a message to our so-called friend cum brother once a week saying“How are you ?”

We have become technologically advanced to such an extent that even while we are sleeping, our WhatsApp and Facebook shows us online. But keeping that time aside, even when we are active consciously on these sites, we are busy talking and chatting with some new people or other friends or to our priorities till midnight 3 o’clock, and still don’t have time for asking the closest ones“Hey what’s going in your life”

We have time to take a bike ride to a different city near-by to meet our special ones, but in the same way, the house of our So-called-brother also lies. We forget that. Advance booking at a restaurant was made and movie theatres for weekends with our fiancée. But when it comes to So-called-brothers, we have all the professional work lying on our head as if not submitted the next day, we are going to get fired.
Is this we dreamt of our friendship 3-4 years back? Does time change us? Is it true that we don’t think friendship the same way, we actually thought long before?


If YES, then there are no issues. It’s fair whatever is going.
But it’s not the same way We are humans, and from the day we are born till the day we die, we have a heart that has a child inside. If we cried for a broken toy when we were 10 years old, we still cry for a broken relationship at the age of 25. Just the difference is, we don’t show the tears now. If we used to get upset, when our friend used to go out in summers with his family, we still feel upset when our closest friends don’t get time to meet or contact us.

But we tend to show that we are more practical now. We have many tasks to complete, many people to keep happy and many aims to achieve. We make ourselves believe that at this age and now onwards our life is restricted to our love and our family and work more important. And when it comes to friendship, we have accepted the thought of the society that after a time, friendship changes.


We no longer are active with friends. Have seen the world more than we saw it 10 years ago. We know now, what “EGO ” means, what “Selfish Interests ” stands for. Our brains have been developed to a larger extent to look around and judge what is right and what is wrong, and that what is making us suffer. Do we really need to grow up in FRIENDSHIP?

Is it necessary to note down the pros and cons of our close friends as we grow?

Do we really need to have any thoughts or discussions for running a friendship? Never.

We can still make a call to them at odd timings, just to discuss our life and ask about theirs, still start the video game and play “CONTRA” game by selecting 2 payers in it, still demand first batting and balling while playing cricket with them. Also, we can still hug them in public and express our feeling to them, irrespective of the surrounding public taking it the other way round.


But we won’t, just to make ourselves standing among people, the society, who don’t believe such thoughts. Who believe that with time everything gets practical. Every relation remains on the periphery of our life circle and only rare relations are allowed to enter into it, and friendship is not rare. But the child in our heart even cries of losing the very toy of his, from which he never plays. But he cries because it is his, it was something he used to keep by his side, It belonged to him.

 And that is the same case with friends, though however we think or we try to be practical, there comes a day in our life, when we have many friends at work, we have our love, our family with us, and still, we pick up the phone to dial that old number on the phone book, whose birthday even facebook reminds us now, and we call him and say:: “Hey !! how are you idiot”, because we knew he was special.


He can understand you from your voice. Because with that idiot friend you never hugged only with your body, but with your soul in-fact.
So why to wait for such a day, to feel regret and realize that you were late of leaving such people away from you. Why? Live with them each day, and you will realize how exciting life can be every day.
Work, family, aim, love, each has its own time and each part is important. But just because of something that has priority we cannot ignore the other thing. The best thing –FRIENDSHIP.

Life is too short. So never leave anything to regret, to worry or to feel sorrow about later on.
Jut Pick up the phone, and call them Harass your best friends, Abuse them and don’t ask Just say, “Let’s meet up”.

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