Fun Facts of Being Single

20 Facts of being SINGLE.

20 Facts of being SINGLE is for fun. Firstly, there are obviously those people whose LOVE LIFE is flying high, And then, there are those people who juggle a lot with their GIRLFRIENDS {they too at least have a love life}, If, unfortunately, you fall in either of the above-mentioned categories, then please don’t read further, it will be a waste of time for you.

This matter is not a pure work of fiction and its resemblance to any living or dead person is indeed not coincidental. But it has nothing to do with either of the writers. It is not based on their lives. How or what and why the writers’ life exists, is not a topic of discussion here. All they want to convey is that this article is not based on their lives. It may be inspired by their lives, but it is not based on their lives.

20.  Facts of Being Single

1.      Firstly, only the singles can have this idea, time and patience of writing: “20.Facts of being SINGLE”, because the committed are either in an intoxicated jovial mood that drives them befuddled or have become a maudlin which we more often address as ‘Devdas’ or those who are poor and helpless souls who will be informed by their partners that they should not be interested in such things.

2. Singles have less number of friends but they are friend-zoned more. We are sure you will be able to make out what we want to say if you are single. If you are committed and still reading this, STOP! You won’t understand how euphoric life is to them.
3.   Singles feel proud and famous when any girl asks their name or just for the sake asks: “How are you doing?”
4.    And when they click a picture with a girl it’s like receiving an Oscar.
5.  Singles are the ones who give advice and suggestions about a relationship to all people even more than the committed ones do. Yes, they do, and with such expertise that sometimes even the committed ones doubt “Is that what all happens in a relationship?

Go On !!

6.   The people who actually read any articles like “the qualities women look in men to be their boyfriend” are singles. Surprisingly, the people who write such articles are singles too.
7.   They just observe and curse when they see committed couples walking together, hand in hand, and think what’s wrong with them.
8. Even the voting ink lasts on finger longer than relationship these days and still, they remain single all time.
9.   They are the first ones to like or comment on girl’s post or comment. The first ones to know which movie releases when. And yes, the first ones to even break the news of Aditya Chopra getting married to Rani Mukherjee.


10.   They firmly believe that they deserve someone like Miss World or Miss Universe and they won’t settle for anything less than that, and so they end up being single.
11.   They strongly believe that “Axe deodorant” helps you to get attention among girls.
12.   Even if they go out with a girl for dinner, their priority is to eat food and not the girl.
13.   They are the ones who will wait for every IPL match even when they know that many of the matches are fixed, and still they are the exciting ones as they don’t have anything else to do.
14.  They also believe that Sonam Kapoor should have fallen for Dhanush, no matter at what cost, in movie Ranjhana.{Singles sentiments are always with other singles }

15.  They feel Sunny Leone is the ideal sanskari bahu.
16. They fall in love every time they see a beautiful girl “jab bhi koi ladki dekhun,mera dil deewana bole, ole ole ole”, but mostly only they themselves know about their true love.
17. They do not like hearing girls talk about love. Because anyhow that feelings are not for THEM.
18. They don’t keep the “do not disturb service” deactivated on their cell phones, because they are not at all disturbed, and also, that increases the probability of hearing a girl’s voice.
19. Moreover, they don’t need to carry their cell phones 24*7 with them. Why? Because they don’t have the privileges to hear “ sweet of you my baby” on their phone.
20.  And finally Singles even dream that writing such article and posting on blog will make them famous among women and they will become chick magnets.

20 Facts of being SINGLE.

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