• Regret | Life Poetry

    Regret |Poetry

    Regret | Poetry

    A Life Bounded With Regret, 

    Each Regret Always a Secret,

    The Regrets neither knew nor described,

    It was Only Later that they are realized

    Regrets  always hard to refrain,

     Difficult to sustain

    Still remains its effect

     In the small looking heart

    The regrets of life,

     We desired to live.

    Regrets of the dream, 

     We dream to achieve.

    The regret of the idea,

    We thought to pursue.

    Regrets of the pain, 

    We wanted to rescue.

    Regrets Of the laugh,

    Which did last for a short while,

    Regrets of pleasures,

    Which ended in no time.

    The regrets of loss,

    The loss of love,

    The feel to love,

    The feel to be loved.

    Regrets of the efforts,

    Which could have been more,

    Regrets of the problems,

    Which could have been solved.

    Regrets of the feel,

     Which could have been felt

    And Lastly 

    Regrets of the End,

    Which could have been changed.


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  • Melody in cacophony | English Poetry

    Melody in cacophony | English Poetry

    Melody in cacophony | English Poetry

    The journey stopped when the light went red,

                            Clouds were harsh, the night was dead,

    The thunder was at its best, the rains were about to take the test,

                            Burning were the car lights, screaming were its horns,

    Shouting was the entire crowd, waiting to move on.

                            Soon the droplets began, making the chaos at the best it can.

    I was at odd, totally dry,

                            Unaware all those activities going nearby,

    All those sounds didn’t matter at all,

                             I was in love at the first rain fall.

    In my car I was smiling,

                             At the girls gossiping and giggling

    At the a small boy who was laughing

                            The clouds which were roaring with rain,

    At the voices which were going, were going in vain

    Nothing was about to matter once the light would go green,

                            No hustle, no rustle, no anger and no screams,

    It was just a glimpse of time,

                           To wait with patience to get the dime,

    At the end, Everything was and will be same,

                            Hope with patience and let the time play its game.

    —————–@ ramtajogi

    Melody in cacophony | English Poetry


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