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Love Story | Life Blog

In our life, it is always our closed friends who can define and explain us in a way better than us.

This is a story of Samar and Ananya from their friends perspective.

We never know if we really are with the one we are destined to be with for life. Even years of togetherness can’t assure us of this. But life goes on with a hope that the person you are with, is the one who is meant to be with you forever.

When the journey comes to an end, it gives us a minute of satisfaction, but years of longing at the same time. Reinstating our faith in the fact that the journey was more beautiful than the destination. It was an illusion which we perceived as being within our reach. But once there, we look back at the journey and feel that we should never have reached! We were happier, content, hopeful and joyful during the journey. It is the ambiguity of love which is its essence, and it is what keeps it going!

Love strikes in everyone’s life, but sometimes, the after-marks that it brings with it are the ones it leaves us with. They remind us of the time we spent with our loved ones; they are the doorways to the dream that we once lived. It puts a smile on our face and a drop of moisture in the eyes.

Samar and Ananya

were no different. “You meet them once, and you’ll fall in love with them,” said everyone who knew them. Friends, close friends, colleagues, family and all those who were associated with Samar knew his love for her. It wasn’t a love of a different kind, it was the same old love that we know. He was the typical one-woman-man we’ve seen in the movies, cliched to the very core! Maybe it was the cliche part that made it much more special and unique, difficult to find in today’s day and age.

“Samar was nothing more than the usual guy. I have known him since childhood. Average height, average looks, and good in studies. Great at mocking people, loved reading and writing. He was a fun-loving person. The relationship was something that was beyond his understanding or maybe he was beyond girls’ understanding! He liked everyone in his life but loved only one; Ananya.”

                                       –Naven Jacob (Samar’s best friend since childhood)

“I have known Ananya for the past 8 years. She has been my best friend since high school. She was the reason I had fights with my other best friends in school because somehow I know she loved me more than anyone else. Ananya was a mess. A fat, chubby girl who knew only knew the language of sarcasm, never drove a two-wheeler, who loved watching “Big Boss” lying on a sofa, eating tomato ketchup directly from the sachet and who went for movies just to eat the junk food available there. At one point she even had braces fitted on her teeth. She was a total tomboy or perhaps a man fitted in a girl’s body. I never understood why Samar loved her so much. Though she was too cute to be ignored. She knew that samar loved her and so somehow she respected that feeling. But from her end, there was nothing of that sort.”

                                                                 -Avni Shah (Ananya’s best friend)

“He loved her in the most obvious way. The way a person loves himself; without any reason but to the core”

                                                    -Mohit (Samar’s closest friend from college)

“I have never seen or met her. I don’t know her personally, but Samar made me love her! When you talk to Samar, it was always Ananya in his words!”

                                                                 –Ramya Kapoor (Samar’s friend)

“I always wanted something to happen between them, not for Samar, but for me, because Ananya was such a great company to be with. Laughter and sarcasm were in her. Totally a person you’ll love to talk to. What I was asking for was magic. But seeing his love for her, I wish it happened.”

                                                                -Vineet Shah (Samar’s close friend)

“I scored low in exams and was crying. Ananya was abroad and got tensed and called Samar asking him to rush urgently to my house and look after me. Without giving it a second thought he came to my place with ice cream and stayed with me till evening. It was later that me and Ananya realised that he had scored fewer marks than me but as it was her order, Samar ignored his personal issues like every time. I loved the love he had for her”

                            –Avni Shah (Ananya’s best friend)

“I seriously wondered and was shocked when the guy who hated tech devices, suddenly got a smartphone. Just because she was going abroad and wanted him to buy one so that they could be in regular touch. He was mad for her”

    –Ridhima gupta (Samar’s close friend)

“He used to become Ananya when she was not with me. He never made me miss her. The day she left me and went abroad for studies, I cried a lot but he became her for many days. But the day he left me, I cried even more. Not because now I would miss him more, but because now I will miss both of them”

                                        -Avni Shah (Ananya’s best friend)

“Every draft of his writing was first sent to her and then to others. Her opinion was his decision. He always wanted to write a love story. He tried but wasn’t successful.  But in writing what he missed to realize was that he didn’t need to do anything. He had love and she was his story.”

                                    -Ridhima gupta (Samar’s close friend)

“His talks always began with what she said, whether it was related to her or not. It was always 3 people when I talked to him. Me, him and her.”

-Vineet Shah (Samar’s close friend)

“I loved one thing especially that the guy whose love interest and crush changed every 3 weeks, was the one who waited for her for 3 years. I was surprised when I heard about her. She changed him totally. I felt that this time it was real, was genuine and was worth waiting for, not from his words, but from his eyes when he spoke about her.”

-Ziyad Sheikh (Samar’s Childhood friend from the same society)

 “His phone had his own contacts but his phone gallery belonged to her. You see it and you feel that it was her phone.”

-Ridhima gupta (Samar’s close friend)

“I don’t know why, but I always told him to leave her and move ahead. I was the one who introduced Samar and Ananya. They were very much the same in personality and I loved them. But maybe I never found love in her for him and what he was doing was just burdening her with guilt.”

-Diksha Patel (Ananya’s friend)

“Everyone who knew them loved them. The only fear I had was what if nothing went the way he wanted because I always saw the love but no love story.”

-Vineet Shah (Samar’s close friend)

“They were too open with each other. May be couples do not have such a clear relationship which they had.”         

-Ridhima gupta (Samar’s close friend)

 “Had they ended up being together, it would have restored my faith in love”

             -Arnab Rajeev (Samar’s close friend from classes)

“They aren’t separated, they never were. Also They aren’t together, they never were. They still belong to the same old world of theirs, stuck in time, in their world of love and happiness.”

                     -Ridhima gupta (Samar s close friend)

“I have known Samar for the past two years. He appears to be a fun-loving kind of a character. But he does not have a heart. Instead, he has a hard shell that hides a time span of about 4-5 years within. One has to be persistent and patient enough while dealing with this guy. Only when he starts to trust you (which will take a lot of time), will he let you in and allow you to sneak into that shell. I have never met Ananya, never talked to her, in fact, I don’t know if this is her real name! But I do not want to meet her. Because the perception of her that Samar has set in my mind is of a girl who is so perfect in every aspect, I fear that the real Ananya might not live up to that perception.”

-Raman (Samar’s college friend)

“Today, she has gone to a different country and has her own life with her newly founded love and Samar is living in his world of words. They do not have any contact with each other, I still seriously feel that somewhere just the narration has ended but not the story. It is still incomplete. And as much as I know Samar, he will never complete it. It lies here”

-Vineet Shah (Samar’s close friend)

 “He says he lost someone special. My friends say I lost a guy worth dying for, someone very important and close. He feels that after all the things that happened in our lives, it was only he who suffered. What he does not realize is that in going to a different country and luckily meeting another guy, what I actually lost is a special person who was very important to me and that is Samar.”



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