In pursuit of dream

In Pursuit of Dream | Poetry

In Pursuit of Dream | Poetry

*Many times harsh,

Many times mean

Rarely understood by others,

Even rarely seen

But believe in it, Pursue it,

Because it is your Dream.

* It made you who you are,

It’s the one thing which will take you far,

Will give you happiness and peace,

 Make your life better with ease,

Will make you see, how a better world can be seen

 So go out, and pursue your dream 

*Your dream will never leave you alone,

Even when the world will turn you down, It will still be your own

It was there, even when you never felt,

Will be there, even when your soul will be left,

It is in you,

Shouting; to understand what it mean

So Go out, and pursue you Dream

*It was something, because of which many times you never slept,

 It was something because of which many a times you even wept

 It was opposed by people, brutally crushed

 But you always nurtured it and always had in it,your Trust

It is something what defines your being,

So Go out and pursue your dream

*Nobody cared when you were born,

 Neither will care when you will die,

 But the dream will remain a dream,

  If it is not fulfilled by

 So break the bondage with the world,

 Stop thinking what the world will think,

*Everything will end one day,

 That day will come in just a eye’s blink,

 So rush out, go, cry and scream,

Whatever it takes, pursue your dream

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In Pursuit of Dream | Poetry

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