A short sweet life | Life Blog

A short sweet life | Life Blog

A short sweet life | Life Blog

We sometimes never able to understand what our life is or where it will take us through, but if we think then we will realize that we don’t need to understand it.

On a random weekend, at 11:30 Sunday noon after having brunch with an old college friend and coming back to my place, the only feeling that goes in my mind is contentment and a feeling of accomplishment for having had a time which will be relished forever.

Now in my comfort zone which I have created for myself, do we actually need to think we about life?

The sweetness of life is that it is short else we would have been bored with it too. And in this short life, we need not to always think about what we want to achieve or about what we want to chase. Else this short life will even be more shortened.

Sometimes the only things that are meant are to enjoy are the ones which are tiny enough to be seen easily but are achieved more easily.

To do List

A walk in the rain

Witnessing a cloudy day with a cold breeze flowing

Enjoying a television show you like,

Taking dinner with the entire family,

Calling up an old friend you haven’t talked since ages,

Sorting the old grudges,

Crying for someone you miss and

Expressing your love for someone and many more.

At this age having mental peace is the most difficult thing to obtain.


Reason: Because we don’t want it.

We remain occupied in so much of thoughts about our outer self that we find it difficult to have some part of our time for our inner self and that result in the absence of peace

And then we complain that life is Tough.

Life is not tough; we have actually made it tough by ignoring the time for ourselves. By moaning for the big things in life which we were not able to achieve and not considering the sweet small beautiful things which give us a sense of satisfaction and peace too.

It is a right time to change and a right time for OURSELVES

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